Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday, Day 7

The day flew by yesterday. I had a great quiet time on the water tank on the hill overlooking Hogar. It's just so beautiful around here, you can't help but praise God. Afterward I had a conversational language lesson with Rafael, one of the university students. I think we're going to meet regularly. I'm not much help with grammatical things, but I can talk. He's taking classes in Tuxtla.

It's been pretty laid back here in the mornings since most of the kids are at school. The kids arrive back around 1pm and lunch is at 2pm. I went to town after lunch to see Johanna's (the secretary at Hogar) home. She was so happy to introduce me to her mom, little sisters and brother. We had a really enjoyable time together, though she frequently makes fun of my lack of Spanish and makes me say ridiculous things.

Since it was Wednesday, it was art class day, so I hurried back to Hogar and began preparing for the onslaught of wild children and preparing my lesson. Upon popular request we did painting. I had them paint a happy memory, something specific that they would hopefully put some thought into. I wanted them to have something cheerful for their walls that would remind them, on a rainy, sad day, of better times. It was a moderately successful class. I had about 26 students in a pretty small room. Most painted sunny days with a house and a few trees. Some put a little more thought into it and had specific people in the picture and more detail. One little boy's painting looks like a young Rothko. The class was loud and kind of crazy. But I had some help cleaning up this time and I think they had fun. That's the most important thing for me. The littlest ones were tearing through the paper, they we painting so fast. I've been thinking lately that it would be nice to give the older students a chance to make work too. The classes are open to all ages, but it's so loud and overwhelming, I don't blame them for staying away. I might just have the art room open with some supplies at hand a few mornings a week. I could put on some music and just make it relaxed and available.

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