Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 14 - Two Weeks!

I woke earlier than usual yesterday and made it to breakfast with the primary and secondary kids. It was cute to see everyone in their uniforms scarfing down their breakfast with their toothbrushes ready next to their plate. They all do a thorough brushing after breakfast. There's a lot of wet hair gel and knee socks, yawning and rushing to get on the bus.

I went with Johanna the secretary, and some of the older kids to one of the secondary schools to take collections for Haiti. We are doing a bunch of fundraisers for Haiti as well, including the raffling off a sheep (I hope I win!), selling tickets to a big Valentine Party/Disco on Saturday, and making scarfs to sell. I think it's really great how excited the kids have been to participate in giving back. As the receivers of so many donations themselves, it doesn't take much to convince them to help others.

It was fun to see a Mexican secondary school. Lots and lots of kids in uniforms. Very basic classrooms full to the brim, and kids playing in the courtyards. I can't help but think about the article I read recently on Korea's dwindling population. They work so hard in their jobs and the perfect private school for their child is such an expectation that they can only afford one kid per family. That one kid is given the best of the best. The government is encouraging their employees take a half day a week and have a family day. This is to encourage people to procreate more to offset their increasing aging population. In such a highly competitive world, how are Mexican village children, with ancient typewriters and where even the office staff doesn't have enough ink for their printers supposed to compete in a global economy? I don't know, but it makes me wonder.

Arriving back at Hogar, I went to visit the piglets again. My favorite little runt had died. He was all flat and shrunken looking. So, sad. However, the other 12 or so piglets seem to be thriving and just watching them climbing all over their huge, hairy mama pig to feed was fascinating. They were so clumsy! Walking on each other's heads and stumbling around. I love the animals here.

The rest of the afternoon, I prepped for my art class. I planned to make Valentine's Day cards. I figured it would be nice to have a simple, straightforward project, and I made a great example. I made a card for Kyla. Then I laid down for a little while, since I think the pills I'm on make wipe me out. The class went well, though I had about half as many kids. Many of the kids made Valentine's for me, though I tried to encourage them to make it for friends and family. I love their artwork and am more than happy to hang it on my wall. I played soothing music and had everything set up perfectly so we had a very tranquil class. This is due in part to the littlest boys not showing up until my class was nearly over, but I now they know that class is at 6pm and they've got to come if they want to participate. I do love those crazy little boys.

After dinner, I scooped a snoozing little boy up off a chair and took him back to his dorm. He's one of the triplets. They are so cute, though I still have the hardest time telling them apart. There's Freddy, Fernando, and Alejandro. All have spikey hair, and missing teeth. 8 year old tornados.

I was in bed by 9:45pm. I'm so glad I'm feeling better and my rash is subsiding. I still have maybe one and a half days of pills left, so hopefully my allergy doesn't return when I'm through. My hands still feel a little funny as do my feet, but I'm definitely on the mend. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Mom, sorry to freak you out. I love you.

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the father's heart said...

Glad to see you even if we couldn't hear you! What we read about altitude sickness seems to fit a number of your symptoms. Could that be it? Let us know what you think. Rest, get fluids and watch your exertion until you are more use to the altitude. And if you start to feel bad, get somewhere quick where they can give you oxygen. Love, Dad and Mom