Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 11+12

Yesterday's highlight had to be Hugo dancing like Michael Jackson. Hugo is 14 or 15 and he can move. The performance that Kyla and I were treated to happened just after dinner. It was supposed to be a secret. I'm not sure if he's just shy or he's not supposed to be dancing… who knows. Anyway, I walked in to "Thriller" blaring, Hugo popping and grinding and doing the moonwalk, popped collar and all. Talk about being blown away….He is so good! Like raw talent, I just want to throw him in dance school and he's got a career ahead of him good. I asked him if there was a dance school he could attend and he seemed pretty confused at the idea. I explained I thought he was really talented and could possibly have a career as a dancer. He seemed to think the director would never support it and it was a ridiculous idea. Tuxtla (about an hour away) has dance schools. I'm sure Hugo is expected to go to university and have a stable career, which is an admirable thing for sure, but he's SUCH and good dancer! He performed for us for at least an hour. What I love is that he was also singing the whole time at the top of his lungs. I'm going to show him YouTube videos of break dancers.

I suppose with this many kids there's bound to be someone a ridiculously talented. It's just so amazing to see it.

Earlier in the day, Kyla and I attended the younger boys' football game. Though it was fun to see them play, the game itself was pretty bad. They lost 8-0.

Around noon I started to notice a rash developing on my chest. I thought it was from some of the lotion I was using, but it didn't go away. Rather it's been spreading. My whole body is now covered in an ugly, speckled rash. I have no idea what from. I have no allergies that I'm aware of and I've been here a while so you would think something like an allergy would have made itself known earlier. The night before I woke up choking, not being able to breathe much and felt like I had something in my lungs. My lungs have felt a little strange for a couple of days. No sore throat or cold like symptoms, no headache, no fever. So I don't know. When I tried to look it up online it gave me a bunch of pretty dramatic alternatives. I'm thinking it may be a bacterial infection related to living around so many animals and their feces. The littlest ones are always playing in the dirt, so who knows what I've been around. I probably just need to build up some sort of resistance.

So today I went to a doctor. I think they put me in front of the line because I'm a foreigner. It felt really wrong walking past all the babies and mothers who had been waiting for ages. As soon as the doctor saw me she said I have an allergy and needed a shot of cortisone in my butt. Now I'm no wuss, however, dropping my pants in a Mexican village clinic and getting a shot in the rear is not my idea of a good time. I did it though was a bit confused as to when I should get off of the examination table. It was pretty funny that I laid half clothed talking to the 3 other people in the room before I realized it was okay to get dressed. I tried to look casual, but I think it came across as awkward and funny. I was also given steroid tablets to take every 8 hours. I felt really dizzy and tired after the shot. The rest of my afternoon was kind of shot because I needed to rest.

My skin looked like a strawberry so I hid out in my room in the afternoon and slept. The kid's looked at me like they could catch something just by being around me. I felt really crappy. I very reluctantly canceled art class and laid low. I did end up seeing the sunset with Kyla and that was great.

After that I had dinner and showed Hugo and some of the other guys break dancing YouTube videos. He thought they were pretty rad, but still wanted to watch more Michael Jackson. So that's what we did, until my contacts were dry and it was time for bed.


Tia Johanna said...

Marci, ask Arde to send you to a doctor TODAY. (We might have a friendly relationship with a specialist in Tuxtla or you may just go to the clinic in Coita.)

The allergic reaction you described shouldn't be shrugged off and just might be easily treated so you won't have any more uncomfortable nights.

I just read your entire Hogar blog tonight and got SO homesick! You are a regular powerhouse! Your arts & crafts projects are so imaginitive and your tender care of the kids is just what they need. I'm so glad you're there!

Please give my regards to Arde and Jaime and Kevin and Jahaira - if she's at the ranch. Tell Hugo that I also think he has a great talent and tell Rafael I'm glad he's keeping up his English practice. Big hugs to the tias and the cocineras. Cheers to Kyla and a Hello to the Swedish visitor.

Elisa said...

Marce - please get that checked out. It sounds like you're having a bit of anaphylaxis, which can get way worse. I don't want to scare you, but I love you very much, and want you to be healthy! Keep us updated :)

the father's heart said...

Marci - the others are giving you good advice. Get it looked at right away and avoid more potential complications. If it is something small then your and our minds would all be at ease. The incubation period may be right for contractiing something when you arrived. We love you and want you to get care. Love, Dad

Marci Larsen said...

Thank you everyone for your concern. I realized this morning that I had only posted half my post and so you didn't know I went to the doctor! So, sorry, that's what I get for trying to multitask. I'm getting better, but I still have no idea what I'm allergic to. My hands are kind of rashy and achy but the rest of my body is better. Thanks' again everyone! I'll make sure to reread my blog before I post it in the future.

Elisa said...

Whew! R-E-L-I-E-F! :D