Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 9

I feel like every day here is strange and wonderful and full of new things. I am completely comfortable and can be myself. Just the thought of leaving in a little over a month makes me so sad. So, I shouldn't think of it. Not yet.

Yesterday I finally got all my ducks in a row and posted my fundraiser information for Hogar. It felt good to get that done. Afterward, Kyla and Sophia ( an new volunteer from Sweden) hung out in the chapel and talked religion for a while. Sophia isn't sure what she believes, but is very interested in learning about God. Kyla had a Catholic background, but believes in more of an energy than a personal God, a type of pantheism if I had to label it. She's drawn to tribal religions and is interested in a lot of ideas. You probably know where I stand by now. So, I shared the Gospel. For me it comes down to Jesus. It was really great just hanging out and talking. Very relaxed and not at all confrontational or weird.

When the kids got back from school I had them sign a thank you card for Betsy and Gary for the shoes. The kids drew pictures and wrote in English and Spanish. The card is huge - rather, very long. I rolled it up and tied it with a bow. Hopefully they can hang it in their church.

I had another art class yesterday. I spent the morning collecting about 40 branches so we could make mobiles. It was originally a good idea, but I couldn't find a lot to hang from it. So, I had the kids write the names of people who support them on paper cut outs. Friends, family member, teachers, etc. They could also include drawings and elaborations. They hung these with colored plastic string. It wasn't the most attractive project we did, but I figure you win some and you loose some. However, Tia Arde, one of the directors came into the room I teach art at and was really impressed by all the paintings hung on the walls and the stained glass projects in the windows. I spent an hour or so hanging artwork earlier this week. Tia Arde said I was working very hard. It's nice to hear that!

Three of the elementary age girls made me cards. They're so sweet. I have a couple of drawings I hung on my room wall from two girls as well. I'm getting a little collection of memorabilia already.

The best part of the day was our fiesta en la noche. We had a big bonfire, hotdogs, marshmallows….in typical Mexican style our bonfire was doused with gasoline, so when it finally started burning (very little tinder) it was a hot, fast burn. It looked crazy. The kids were trying to roast marshmallows and were squatting by the fire covering their faces with their arms from the searing heat. It was so funny. Most of the marshmallows burned before they got soft in the middle. We kept chasing the little ones who tried to run around with flaming sticks. We presented Betsy and Gary with the card and William gave a little thank you speech. All the kids did a cheer and I think Betsy and Gary were really touched.

Then we had a dance party!! It was so fun, I can't even begin to tell you how great it was. The little ones danced and one in particular, a little boy, stood on the incline by the fire and just rocked out. By himself, just dancing up a storm. Little performer! He was so cute. Kyla and I danced for at least 4 hours. It was great to see the kids personalities emerge and see them having so much fun. My face hurt from smiling so much. The music was blaring. Everything from Regeton, Hip Hop, Electronica, to more Lady Gaga, Shakira, and Eminem. I can't remember the last time I danced that much. I was told I danced like Shakira. Ha! I'm just glad I couldn't see myself dancing. Caleb usually tells me I make silly faces.

We got to bed after 1:30am. Some of the older kids were still hanging out, listening to music. I grabbed our bucket and went back down to the main building for water. We haven't had water in our cabana for a few days and I needed to bathe after all that exertion. It's a pretty normal to run out of water, but it always returns pretty quickly. I've decided I could do without running water just fine - it's the electricity I couldn't do without. No computer… music…charging my camera…..oh, and light. I'm tied to my gadgets. Tomorrow there's another soccer game for the older boys. I can't wait. It was so much fun last Saturday.

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