Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 10

Okay, so yesterday was Saturday, which is always a nice day because everyone sleeps in a bit more and the day is a tad more relaxed. The kids still have chores, but have more free time too.

I studied Spanish a bit, wrote for a while, and then it was time to head to the older guy's football (soccer) game. I love going anywhere in a vehicle from Hogar because it is amazing to see 20 people packed into a truck or in a VW van. It always works though, and it seems to be the norm for two people to ride in the passenger seat even when there is room in the back. I'll try to get a picture sometime.

The game started out a little rough with Hogar playing one man short. The other vehicle with the rest of the team had to run some errands first. However, the guys played great - and everyone eventually showed up. It was a pretty aggressive game. Lots of fouls and players getting knocked down. Hogar was up 3-0 when all hell broke loose. One of our players got fouled again and someone got shoved, a punch was thrown, then everyone was yelling and people were running to join in from the sidelines. It wasn't pretty. The guys were so infuriated. The fight was broken up with much resistance and everyone looked dissatisfied. The team captains had to talk to the ref and see what the penalties would be for for future games. It may be that some of our key players won't be allowed to play the next game. The ride home was pretty somber.

Ironically, when we got home, mass was just beginning. Most of the team just headed straight into the chapel. We had visiting Anglican priests. Apparently they visit every 3 weeks or so. The sermon was about whatever you do, do it for the Lord….whether that be schoolwork, or football…. Yeah. Enough said.

I had never taken communion, the eucharist, as they call it in Catholic and Anglican churches from a priest. That was weird, as for me it's such a personal thing between me a God. So odd to have everyone watching me as I had a wafer put on my tongue by a priest. I think it was having someone else feed me. It's sort of intimate. Still, it was the first time I've been able to partake of communion in a long time and so I was glad I did it.

The evening was relaxed. Quite a few of the kids watched a football game and a pile of girls made snacks to sell at the game the following day. I talked for quite a while with Suleyma about life, relationships, being married to Caleb. It was really nice. It felt like the first conversation in a while that was a little deeper and more meaningful. I did make a bunch of ridiculous mistakes and put my foot in my mouth numerous times. I was trying to say that Caleb and I really know each other after 6 1/2 years of marriage but what I said is that he and I both climb each other better and better as the years pass. He climbs me and I climb him. !!!!! Okay, this was not what I meant to say. I was trying to say he knows me and I know him. Thank God for a sense of humor! Ha.

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