Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Things and a Drippy Fridge

I just got done eating way too many fruit popsicles over the sink. Juice dripping from my chin, head starting to ache from brain freeze....sugar ants around my sink going hog wild. Mango, Coconut, Mystery Pop - I think one of my popsicles had a grain in it. Maybe barley. It fell in big globs off the stick and into the sink.
I had to defrost the freezer because it got all crazy and decided to make snowdrifts. I may have too much in the fridge (according to Caleb), however, it doesn't seem unreasonable to store a few meals worth of food in there. We even keep our dry goods in there, just to avoid the interest of critters. Also, fridges are just not as cold here. Even at the highest temp. setting everything is just cool, not cold.
So, I dumped a pile of water on my feet and all over the food in the fridge before successfully dumping the drain tray in the sink. For some reason, I felt responsible to eat all the popsicles since they were melting, knowing that the frozen vegetables would be fine, as would the tiny bottle of vodka, and the ice cubes were not a great loss.
I had purchased these delightful ice treats two days before from the popsicle man going down our street. One thing that is amazing here is that you truly never have to leave your house - everything is brought to you. Ice cream, popsicles, watermelons, tortillas, tamales, water, bread, furniture, mattresses, knife sharpening, and a shoe cobbler. All wandering, pedaling, or driving down our street at various times of day and night, yelling or honking, or singing, or blowing a whistle, or ringing a chime. They all have their own sounds and Caleb and I have enjoyed playing the guessing game and then running to the window to check who's right. I have to say the strangest thing is probably the furniture/mattress truck. Who spontaneously buys a twin bed and a dresser?
Anyway, because I had bought these popsicles from a hard working street vendor pushing his little cart in the hot sun one afternoon, I felt guilty throwing them out. He works hard to bring me sweet delicious things. Plus I paid for them. So now, after sugar shock and a bit of a headache, I guess I can say, I've done my duty.

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