Monday, August 3, 2009


If it is at all possible, we managed to find an even more beautiful beach today. Breath taking really. We took a taxi this time and just said "playa" which is beach and he took us somewhere amazing. It was a beach club called Paradiso - Paradise. The little walk up the dune to the palm tree covered beach and aqua water was jaw dropping. Caleb and I just kept grinning at each other. We spent the whole afternoon there and CM got a sunburn though he was wearing sunblock the whole time. I should mention that this beach is soft and sandy, not seaweedy. I didn't need to worry about getting tangled in any sea life while swimming. The water is so warm, almost too warm if that's possible. My lips still taste salty, hours later, after a shower, I feel I can still taste the sea.

Pictures coming soon!

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shawna said...

Do you know what a beautiful writer you are? Reading your blog, I kind of started to think I was reading a book. I'm so glad things are going so well.