Sunday, September 2, 2007


After an exhausting 20 hour drive from Michigan, Caleb and I arrived in Providence in the dark. I was listening to Red Letter as we drove in and I think it was really important to begin this next phase of life with God's praise on my lips. Funny thing is, as I was singing along I watched Caleb and our huge truck nearly side swipe a car and then we both had to pull over on a tiny street to let a huge firetruck roar through. Minor distractions, but then there always seems to be something that tries to distract us from worship. Anyway, our first night here we drank gin and tonics in our back yard with our landlady and one of the tenants. Then we grabbed a few items from the truck, blew up the air mattress and crashed. The next morning was coffee and a bagel, then a mad dash to get everything out of the truck and into our apartment before noon, since the truck was due back. I forgot that I could sweat so heavily that I turned into a human salt lick. Nasty! I don't know how many times I climbed those stairs... I am so thankful that our neighbor Ryan, from across the hall helped with the really heavy stuff. We grabbed lunch at The Classic Cafe after dropping the truck off. Caleb looked across the table at me and told me I looked "great". Sweat-matted hair, hadn't showered in a few days, covered in dirt, scratches and new bruises - yeah, I was real pretty. He told me he was glad I wasn't self conscious and he was proud of me for working so hard. I had a huge burger and their homemade chips. I felt like a dude.
We worked steadily all day on the house and for dinner had crackers Kathleen gave us, spicy black bean dip I found in a box, beef jerkey, and a bottle of champagne from the Wilmorlees. Our home was properly toasted and we fell asleep on the couch full of sodium and bubbly.
Oh, how our bodies ached this morning! We are like to 85yr olds hobbling around. We drove to Ikea today for a few essentials and now we are really tired. That place is like the black hole of shopping. I always leave amaized that I spent all day there and that it got dark so quickly. Tomorrow I start my new job. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. The first day of any job is that way. For those of you that don't know, I'm going to be nannying for two tiny people. 21 month old Franklin and 3 month old Anna. I'll let you know how it goes.
Tugboat is depressed. She just lays around all floppy and sad looking. I think she's homesick. I told her I know what that's like. I miss you guys!


Lauren Day said...

I know you probably don't think so, but your stories have such a hint of romance in them. I really want to hear about your job, so post again soon. You are in my prayers!

Rose said...

Thanks for the update Marci!
Wow, that sounds like sooo much work! I love your word pictures, it's super cute! Hope you're back is doing better, and that things are going well at the jobbie-job.
We love you guys!

Beth said...

Miss you and love you too! Ditto to what the girls said...
I'm going to send you photos (when I get them off the camera) of Ana eating her birthday cupcake in the bib you gave her!
I'm jealous of Nick who gets to see you soon.