Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Job and the Local Produce

The last several days Caleb and I have been pretty down. We found a place that does good chinese takeout so that has been a plus. We never did find good chinese food in Seattle. The first day of work was a little weird. I was in the burbs somewhere in small town Mass. in a "classy" culdesac with mansioney looking houses and I felt so foreign and way too friendly. I touched my employer on the arm on the way out and spent the next 15 minutes in the car fretting about it being too forward. East coat mannerisms are different than west coast ones. The last couple of days at work have been really encouraging though. Franklin the 21mo old said my name the first day. His folks were impressed as he had yet to say "mama". He has a huge vocabulary though. We spend all day pointing out colors, saying the abc's and reading books about trucks. The kid has such a truck obsession that going on walks is really slow but incredibly cute. He gets all starry eyed and stops and stares and just keeps saying "blue!, blue!" as a blue pickup passes. The tiny 3mo old Anna is cute as a button. I spend a lot of time feeding her and making sure she sleeps every other hour. Sometimes we just grin at each other.
Tugboat seems more adjusted to life here. She snoozing next to me curled around herself like a donut. Caleb got a new laptop for school and has met a few of his classmates. His spirits are up too, however some of it may have to do with his excitement about the new ipod just coming out. He's so crazy about fancy gadgets we can't afford. I told him our next big purchase is a graduate degree so he has to wait on the toys. His mom is in New York for the week so she's coming up here for the weekend. We are both looking forward to having someone else to talk to besides each other and to have someone we love visit. I have to say though, it really has been quite wonderful having Caleb to myself the past few weeks!
So, I checked out the local meat market and it is a cultural experience to say the least. I'm short so I fit in with all the hispanic people. There are at least 8 butchers that work behind huge glass cases filled to the brim with meat and parts and other delights I'm not familiar with. I'm not sure that anyone speaks english there. I'm definitely going back. I thought it was really cool.
We haven't really found a good grocery store, fish market, produce stand, etc. This is really geeky I know, but my Gourmet magazine this month is featuring cuban, puerto rican, el salvadorian and dominican food and I live in the perfect neighborhood to find all the specialty ingredients. Now if I can just find a store for all the regular stuff...
We might go to the ocean this weekend. I hope we do. I need to smell the salt in the air.


Lauren Day said...

Is this annoying... that I post every time you post? I remember what moving here was like and I hated how foreign everything felt. I will be praying for you guys. You are always on my heart!

Kathleen said...

Sorry I didn't call you back the other day! I will be around this week, though, so we should talk soon. In the meantime, though, I do enjoy reading your blog to know what's going on, and I am so glad to hear your job is going well. I'm praying for you!

the father's heart said...

just read your blog and now I know why I thought you had a career in writing...I could feel your weariness and don't doubt that you need a rest - so much transition and so much that is new. But I know you will find things you love in your new setting. Do take care of yourself - you are too precious to spend all of yourself on things that make you feel like a salt lick. Much love from Dad.