Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have a guilty confession. I love Nescafe. I know, I know! Enjoying a cup of instant coffee isn't such a big deal, but I'm a professed coffee snob. Working three years at a really great coffee shop in Seattle, working as a barista, snubbing those Starbucks lovers..... we'll next to our organic, fair trade coffee is a jar of Nescafe. And that's what I drank this morning. Two cups actually.
There's just something so delightfully simple about a spoonful of little coffee crystals melting into my microwaved hot water.... okay, I'm a coffee hypocrite, I'll admit it.


Kate Larsen said...

Nescafe has won its way into our little hearts to, found a place in my classroom cupboard and David's shop shelf. Who would have EVER thought?
I look forward to opening your blog and reading your stories. Don't stop writing - our stories are what our lives are made of!

Kate Larsen said...

One more thought...could it be the Istanbul-influence? Something happened over there with the whole hot beverage thing and it wasn't the tea.