Sunday, September 20, 2009

More of the Sian Ka'an

I have so many photos of this place that I could start a blog just about the Sian Ka'an. Here are some pictures of the canal and floating through the mangroves. There's also a photo of the strip of land that Cesiak is located on. On the left you can see the lagoon and on the right the Caribbean.
Just a quick note, I got a call from the Pirate that I will be helping with the baby turtle release tonight. I'm thrilled and will give you an update soon. By the way, the Pirate is in a film ( To The Sea Alamar) being shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. Imagine him with a feather in his hair, a bone his ear and tusks in his nipples and that's pretty accurate. Also, the film was shot here - so what you see is my extended back yard! Ha.

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Kate Larsen said...

Marci, your photos are wonderful - they put me right back there! Such wonderful memories that we'll have maybe forever! I hope to hear about you turtle release! How exciting! Such descriptive posts you share with your readers. I always look forward to them.