Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frosty's Getting a Tan

I talked to my mom the other day and she mentioned the blizzard they were experiencing in southwest Michigan. My dad was out with the snow blower trying to keep ahead of the storm. That same day I went down to the beach and went for a refreshing swim before working on my tan and tackling some Spanish homework.

Is it really December? Christmas is just around the corner? With the two seasons here of really dang hot and pretty hot it feels like perpetual summer. Occasionally I get the feeling it might be late August or early September, but never does it feel like winter. My sense of time has become all garbled. With no regular schedule or seasons and living in a small town were much is the same day to day, it's a bit like Groundhog Day. A very pleasant one, but the same nonetheless. I never fully realized how much I rely on the seasons for my sense of time. I'm beginning to think that when Ponce de Leon went looking for the Fountain of Youth, all he really needed to do was spend enough time just living in a tropical environment where time stopped and counting age and time and days became pointless.

We are going back to Michigan on Friday. We may die of hypothermia. Tugboat has no fur on her belly, I have two pairs of pants and a cotton cardigan, Caleb's a little better off with a sweater, hoodie, and jeans. From summer to snowstorm. However, I'm really looking forward to time with my family, getting to know my new niece (who's due any day) and having a white Christmas. I've been singing Christmas songs in the shower and we may wrap our palm tree in free Christmas lights we just got from our neighbor. Tulum definitely get's excited about Christmas. There are decked out fake trees everywhere and children that come to your door, sing some kind of Christmas rap song, hold a huge poster of the Virgin and carry tin cans for your expected holiday donation.


jonie broecker said...

I hope you guys have a great time with family! Loved reading the update. xoxoxo

Kate Larsen said...

I regularly & eagerly look forward to your FSotS entries, and miss them when they're not there - with them you're just words away. Looks like your white Christmas just keeps on getting whiter - the sands of Tulum will be a welcomed sight when you reach them. Happy New Year! Last night was a Blue Moon - Remarkable!