Friday, July 10, 2009

Beautiful Michigan and America's Birthday

I went back to Michigan last week unexpectedly because I missed family so much. Funny how things like that come in waves. You get used to being away and living life, but sometimes it just hits you that you are missing out on so much and these are the people that matter the most but you spend the least amount of time with. Upon Caleb's urging I bought a ticket and spent the week with family.
I had forgotten how beautiful Michigan is. Especially where my grandparent live. It's rural and green and full of deer and Amish and tatertot casserole, and lakes, and red barns and homemade pickles, and horses, and pie. I love it. I visited 19 relatives (which was a bit crazy) and tasted cherry wine, and went to the Beaverton town 4th of July parade. I saw a boat race of cardboard boats held together with duct tape, ate a purple snowcone that dripped on my feet, got a sunburn and talked about horses and looked at old pictures with my Grandpa. My Grandma made rhubarb custard pie.

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Kelli said...

It was really great seeing you in GR! Wish it could have been a longer visit... maybe some day. Now... what's this business about moving to Mexico???? :D