Friday, November 9, 2007

Our New Home and Caleb's Birthday

I'm back again. Sometimes there is so much time between my posts that I wonder if people will just give up and stop checking my blog. Please don't! We moved again. So that resulted in chaos and loss of internet access for a short while and also lack of energy to do anything other than try to get this apartment to look like home. I forgot to mention that there was a lot of drama surounding getting this apartment. We looked at a bunch of places, most nicer and much more money and had actually put money down on an apartment and were planing on moving into it the following week. We had gone through a real estate agency and gave them the check. The landlord contacted the real estate agency the day before we were going to sign the lease and said he had found somebody else to rent the place. The agency was very upset, out of a commission and we got screwed. We found out Thursday night and had to be out of our apartment by Wednesday. Thank God, he protected us from another nasty landlord, and from spending more money on a place than we should have anyway. I was really nervous the next several days, and had to keep praying for trust and belief in His provision. We ended up signing a lease late on Saturday. It was actually for an apartment we had seen Thursday night after we found out we were homeless. It is cheap and with a little t.l.c. will be cute. Caleb said our new apartment is kind of like living in a cabin. There is no hallway, just rooms connected with doorways, giving a cozy, albeit awkward feel. It is very much like a cabin. Our landlord is nice and relaxed, not insane like our last landlords were. There are still boxes everywhere, but we have gotten somewhere with the living room and kitchen, so it is livable. Tugboat likes it too. Caleb built me some kitchen counters and storage, so it looks very user friendly and kind of industrial. My red kitchenaid looks rockin' on the white counters.
Caleb turned 28 on Wednesday. Old man. Actually, we are the same age for four months. I surprized him with a massage and dinner. It was our first home-cooked meal in our new place. We had Mediterranean swordfish wraped in prociutto with garlic roasted potatos and tiramisu for dessert. We both layed down with a belly ache after that meal. So good, but so rich.
Caleb is liking school a lot more now. He is busy all the time and I'm amaised that he hasn't gone crazy yet. He is still patient and kind to me regardless of the pressure he is under at school. I am very thankfull for my husband! He has been asked to show his work at a new media conference in Scottland and at a gallery in Germany. They asked him. How cool is that! He is pushing himself to excell and be very proactive in making connections with the right people and seeking critical imput on his work. If anyone can make it, it is Caleb. -By the grace of God.
I'm doing well too. Long walks outside have helped. I take the kids I nanny for to the park everyday. We went to the zoo yesterday and it was such a nice change in our routine. So much work though! Getting them all ready and their snacks and outfits and diapers and strapped all in safe to their seats and folding up the enomous stroller and heaving it into the trunk.... Anyway props to all the supermoms out there that take their tiny kids everywhere. I just felt proud that we did it.
I miss my girlfriends in Seattle! I really miss Friday's excellent wives club. Haven't found any excellent wives here yet. ;-)
I hope you ladies are still meeting every week. What book are you reading? I'm reading, "The Dangerous Duty of Delight", by John Piper. Really thought provoking.


Lauren Day said...

We miss you deeply! The excellent wives aren't the same without you. Sorry I couldn't answer when you called me back. I was in the middle of a dental emergency. Not my own. My sister-in-laws.

We are starting the book Humility by C.J. Mahaney this Friday. How are you liking the Piper book.

Thya said...

You really take lovely pictures! And if you look on the right side of the picture, you can see the floor! That's a good sign when you've first moved into a place. And not only that, the floors look like they would make an excellent sock skating rink! Have you tried that yet? Put it on the top of your list! I miss you sumthin aweful!

Beth said...

I love you Marci!

We just got back from So Cal and I'm feeling crazy, but I will call you soon...

(yeah, we've "started" Humility - you know how that goes...)