Saturday, October 6, 2007

Moving Again

I apologize for not posting anything meaningful in a while. While pictures of leaves and dead birds and sesame street characters are cute, they really don't let you know how we are doing. So here it goes. Caleb and I are finding a new apartment for November (for reasons I can't get into right now, other than to say it has been a very stressful month in terms of our living situation). We gave our 30 day notice and are moving once again. Please pray that we find not just an apartment, but a place we can be at peace and call home, at least for the next couple of years. Also, Caleb desperately needs studio space and unfortunately he is in the only program at RISD that doesn't provide him with a studio. We will be looking for a two bedroom because of that. I think it will be a good idea anyway for Caleb to have a studio at home because right now he is so, so busy that he is gone from morning until night. He is also stressed about trying to balance everything; school, work, me, moving...
The light at the end of the tunnel is that we are planning on going back to his folks house in the upper peninsula of Michigan for Christmas. We will spend about 10 days with them. We need a vacation from life for a little while. Caleb and I don't really take vacations. We just move across the country. Even when we go back to Michigan to visit family it is usually harried and stressful as there is never enough time to really see everyone. We usually return home exhausted and go right back to work. So, 10 days in the remote, snowy wonderland of Hancock, Michigan sounds pretty delightful.
I'm sick with a head cold because I've been kissing the babies I nanny for a lot this week. What can I say? They needed the love and they are just so darn cute. The little boy has been testing me lately but I think it is expected as he is just hitting the terrible twos. I'm trying to be patient, firm, and consistent. It can be a real challenge when I'm being kicked in the gut as I'm changing his diaper!
Tugboat is in heat again and she's driving us crazy this morning. I think she wants to get outside to visit the neighborhood boys. We should have gotten her fixed eons ago.
I still don't have much of a social life. It's slow going when I'm really not in any social circles. I'm in Caleb's circle of course, but a lot of the conversation of his peers has to do with critiques, teachers, lectures, and other elements of school that I can't relate to. It is only natural. However, as I've mentioned before, his peers are all nice people so I feel welcome. I just get bored sometimes with the conversation. I was proud of myself this week. I called up a girl I barely knew and asked her if she wanted to grab a beer after work. I know it is such a ridiculously small thing, however, I can be rather shy when it comes to initiating friendships. We ended up hanging out. Caleb and her boyfriend are friends, so they joined us and it was very natural and nice. I really like this girl. Her name is Cecilia and she is half Brazilian. She is fluent in Portuguese and English and she is smart, funny and kind. My hangups when it comes to initiating a friendship also include feeling that I'm over analyzing the situation, and I'm not sure at what point do I wait for them to call or do I call them. I've called her twice, so now should I wait to hear from her? You would think that I should have this figured out by twenty-eight. I feel like I'm in middle school. Does she like me? Ha, ha.
Speaking of friends, I recently joined facebook and have found some long lost high school friends. I feel like that's quite an accomplishment considering I went to an international school in Budapest and my classmates are scattered all over the world. I'm working up to emailing a friend I've had since I was three years old but have fallen out of contact with her for almost ten years. We were best friends and she was like a sister to me. How do you fill someone in on a decade of experiences and life? How do you rekindle a friendship after so long?
Caleb and I will be trying out another church tomorrow. We went to a really bizarre church last Sunday and it looked like it was Lex Luther who was preaching. Their "cutting-edge technology" that they were so clearly proud of was a little overwhelming. Tomorrow we are checking out Renaissance church, recommended by some Mars Hill folks that used to live in Providence. I can't wait to find a church. My soul is so hungry. I am loading up my ipod with Mars Hill sermon podcasts to listen to on my daily work commute.
It is a beautiful fall day here. Sunny, 70's, mariachi music drifting up from our neighbors outside. The ice cream truck just went by. Tugboat is asleep on the couch and I'm still in my pajamas. I love weekends.


Kathleen said...

"...a lot of the conversation of his peers has to do with critiques, teachers, lectures, and other elements of school that I can't relate to. It is only natural. However, as I've mentioned before, his peers are all nice people so I feel welcome. I just get bored sometimes with the conversation."

You know I have been there. It's really hard. I am praying for some friends and a church for you ASAP. Don't doubt your own coolness, either...I know that's kind of a weird thing to say but as you find and make friends, remember that I and a lot of others think that you are a really awesome person who is so much fun to be friends with. I totally sound like my mom when I say that but it's true. :)

Lauren Day said...

yea! I'm glad you are posting again. Crap, why haven't we talked yet on the phone. I would love to call you right now, but it is past midnight. Are you awake. Probably not.