Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Penske to Rhode Island

I've started this blog in an attempt to stay in touch with all of you. Leaving Seattle, Caleb and I were overwhelmed with the love and generosity shown us our last few weeks there. This is what it means to have community in the most beautiful sense. We felt really cared for as we read cards, opened care packages and ate homemade cookies. You helped us clean our house and move our boxes into the penske truck. You paid for the super 8 motels we stayed at in Spokane and La Crosse, WI. You would have paid for a super 8 motel in Wyoming but all the motels were full so we slept like a Larsen sandwich (Caleb, me, then Tugboat) in the cab of the truck. We want to be more generous like you. Caleb and I talked about this a bit and decided that it was quite a lesson for us. So, thank you, again.
We are currently in Michigan visiting our folks. Our plan is to head out the 30th or 31st and finish our trip to Rhode Island. It's about another 14hrs and we will be driving separately since we have a new car. It is a very, very red ford focus wagon. We are getting used to it, but it is not the ant van. Please pray for safety and stamina as this is the last leg of a long trip.


Kathleen said...

We all love you very much!

I am very excited you have a blog! Yay for keeping in touch!

I don't really love exclamation points this much! :p

Lauren Day said...

marci!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! It made me sad to see half of your sweet face at the top of the page. sigh.

I will be praying that the red focus holds many pending, precious conversations for you and Caleb. I miss you already. Marianne says she has fun Marci stories to tell and I can't wait to hear them.